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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Georgia's New Smile

Here is the story of Georgia's new smile.

Thursday night we were finishing up dinner when Georgia climbed up on our kitchen stool for one last bite of garlic bread.  I heard her fall and came running.  Chip got to her first and was holding her towards me and couldn't see the blood coming from her nose and mouth and the gaping hole where her tooth had been.  I lost my cool and just kept saying "Oh Jesus".  Chip yelled at me to quit scaring her and pull it together ha. 

I did pull it together but had no idea what to do.  Chip found the tooth on the floor, all two inches of it.  I have never seen a tooth come out in it's full form.  It was ridiculous.  Chip called my mom and told her to "just come". Seven and a half years as a mother, I have never once asked my mom to come.  

My friend happened to stop over while we were waiting for my mom and immediately called her pediatric dentist friend.  The timing was divine and we were in the dentist office within the hour.

After a few x-ray's we found out that we couldn't put the tooth back in, the other front tooth was out of it's socket, and Georgia has an extra baby tooth and extra adult tooth. We always thought she had super pointy teeth, turns out she has an extra canine ha.

So, the tooth that was out of it's socket needed to be pushed back up into place.  The dentist told us that first, she would use Novocain to numb the area, and then she would push it into place and hold it there for 10-15 minutes.  I asked her if we could try it without the Novocain shots and she nervously agreed to try.  Georgia was a CHAMP.  She didn't make a peep (even though later that night in bed she said "Mom, it hurt me so bad when that dentist pushed on my tooth).  The dentist was beside herself at how brave Georgia was and couldn't believe she hadn't even moved.  

Georgia has to be careful how she eats and drinks for the next three weeks and she CAN'T bump it.  I'm preparing myself mentally for the possibility that we may still lose that one.

We took her to Target the next morning to spoil her.  She "wanted to share her special day with Johanna" so they both got special toys.  

It's funny how this incident made me feel.  I was just so thankful that it was only a tooth, a tooth that would one day come out anyway.  I was so glad that the rest of her was perfectly fine and healthy and whole.  I'm so thankful that in my seven and a half years of being a mother, I have never HAD to call my mom.  I'm thankful that this is the biggest drama we have had in our household.

We adore her new smile and think she is the cutest.


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