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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Not getting to live near your loved ones is torture. 
Seeing everyone else get to hold your newborn niece BEFORE you get to, not cool. 
We got two priceless weeks of one-on-one time with these girls. 

We adore them.
Georgia or Shiloh begged to hold Charlotte every waking moment.  
Shiloh jumped off a coffee table so Cora could "catch" him. 
Cora would try to gently coach Shiloh to do whatever he was supposed to be doing.  
Georgia showed Cora how to play her ipad games.
We had "watch day" at Best of Everything and each cousin got a watch.
I let Cora eat anything she wanted to at any point in the day.
Charlotte's little laugh would send Georgia into a fit of "awwww".
Cora preferred Johanna push her to 7-11 so she could go fast.

We are praying for more Florida time together next year!


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