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Friday, June 25, 2010

Georgia's Birth Story

I had been wanting to get pregnant for a good year before we actually got pregnant with Georgia. We had insurance issues and had a waiting period before we would be covered. By the time it happened I was craving it. I wanted to be pregnant so badly and was thrilled when the test was positive after two months of trying. We hadn't told anyone except my mom. I was scheduled to sing for the Cedarville University alumni chapel and before I came they asked for my updated info. I decided to save myself an extra step and let them know about my second child sooner rather than later (I assumed it was for computer/alumni records). As I walked to my place on the stage I could hear the speaker introducing me using the information I had emailed them. He ended the intro with "and is expecting her second child in May". I almost couldn't remember my lyrics! The entire three back rows full of family erupted in cheers. The chapel was broadcast on the radio the next hour so I texted Chip's mom and told her to listen in. It was such a fun and different way to tell our loved ones our news (even if it was completely accidental).

The first six weeks were blissful and I totally forgot about that special little gift of morning sickness. Throwing up everyday until my ultrasound and having varicose veins in my nether regions which made things uncomfortable. I ended up wearing a harness for the veins but it didn't help much. When we went in to find out if we were having a boy or a girl Chip left the room so I could surprise him at dinner with the result. We were just so sure that it was a boy. At dinner I had brought Johanna's Dora baby girl twin sister doll in my purse. I told Chip to close his eyes and laid the doll in his hands. We couldn't believe it was a girl! Maybe because I had brothers and just thought first you have your girl and then here comes the boy. It took me a few days to understand and imagine two girls and how much fun that would be.

I named Georgia. Today it is still a sore spot for Chip. He says he is naming the next one without me. Scary. I just slapped her name up on the nursery wall. I knew that was her name and I loved it. I should have been a little more tactful and included my other half in the decision making process.

My aunt Kristen who is seven years older than I am, was pregnant with her 6th. We were due within days of each other and have the same midwife. We chose to be induced on the same day in neighboring rooms. I went in the night before to try and get a little jump start on the dilating process. The next day Cayden was born at 12:30pm and I was almost 3cm. My water was broken and I quickly got to 6cm and was given an epidural. The epidural I had with Johanna had not worked completely and this one felt amazing. I felt like I could give birth like a champion. I was complete and it was time to push.

For six hours I tried to move that little girl down the birth canal and she just wouldn't budge. They thought I was too numb and took the epidural down so far I was screaming through each contraction (because of the pitocin they were coming in sets of four). As they prepped me for an emergency c-section we decided my mom should be in the OR with me for safety reasons :) I was so tired and in more pain than I knew was possible. Once I was numb for surgery I just kept saying "thank you, thank you". I was too tired to open my eyes and don't remember anything except when they put her to my face.

I woke up in recovery all drugged up and my midwife and my mom held Georgia to nurse. I remember telling all medical people "thank you" and "I'm so sorry for the screaming". I asked the baby nurse to bring Georgia to me at 6am for her first real feeding with me.

At 6am they brought me that sweet smelling baby girl. I remember thinking "there she is" like it was the first time I had seen her. I smelled her baby head and it was heaven. She was sweet and perfect and beautiful. It was different with Georgia than with Johanna. There wasn't anxiety about bringing her home where there wasn't a team of nurses to make sure she was breathing. I had peace without fear. I could hold her and just enjoy her. I'd been waiting for her and she was finally here.

And the first time her sister met her was one of my favorite moments life has given me. Johanna was trying to whisper and be so gentle. She wanted to help with her paci and touch her little feet. Her smile never left her face. She kept saying "She is so tiny" in her whisper (that was really just a really high pitch talk). Georgia looked right at her and let her shove that paci in her mouth even if she really didn't want it. Priceless sister love.


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