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Sunday, June 27, 2010

We have a walker....sort of

The day Georgia turned 8 months old she crawled for the first time. The day she turned 13 months she took her first steps, walking to her big sister who was holding a box of Cheez-its.

She was so proud of herself and wanted to try over and over. Johanna squealed each time and followed with a "What a big girl!". Georgia's face was priceless.

This girl is a wild woman and everything I wasn't ready for. We had a scare at the pool. She figured out how to get herself out of her float boat. I wasn't looking and somehow she flipped out and made it to the edge of the pool by herself. I've been reliving the horror and thanking God she is safe. She has no fear. I can only imagine the kind of woman will she become. Look out world!

And the two of them together.....double trouble.

Johanna and I have been trying to take advantage of our alone time during Georgia's morning nap. We play with her animals, read books, practice writing, make "breakfast feasts", and do lots of painting.

She always has a "friend" with her. Some days it's a Littlest Pet Shop and sometimes it's a Beanie Baby.

We have so much fun just the two of us. But, we LOVE when that little sister wakes up.


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