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Thursday, July 1, 2010


We love to have little outings to break up the week. One educational and fun outing that gets us out of the house. This week (a.k.a the longest week of my life) we have gone on a tour of our fun places.

It started with Chuck E. Cheese for Brendan's birthday.

I actually let Georgia crawl around on the nasty floor and she had a ball. It was painful to think about what she was touching but we made sure she sanitized. I actually gave her a bath when we got home.

This could possibly be Johanna's favorite place on earth. We go for each kids birthday so it ends up being about once a month. Who knew ten bucks in tokens could make a kid so happy.

She hasn't quite gotten the ticket thing down (I guess she just leaves them in the machine) so she takes tokens to play games but we end up buying her the prize she picks. All those tokens and no tickets. Oh well, everyone is happy. she gets a prize and I didn't have to hold and keep track of all the tickets. This time she picked out a plastic snake that she named "Billy". He has been going everywhere with us and sometimes has his own seat in the car.

Monday morning was rainy and hot so we took a trip to the Boonshoft Museum. Johanna could stay all day but I have trouble staying two hours. There is a really cute general store and pizza making station. You can "shop" for groceries and "make" your own pizza.

Even Georgia liked the shopping. She found a pretend chocolate chip cookie and it went immediately into her mouth. I'm not sure she has ever even had one but she knew it was something good.

Our other favorite museum spot is the birdwatching tree house. Johanna was desperate to find a yellow finch. No luck. We did see some cardinals though.

It was a fun trip for both girls and the momma.

We had friends in town for a few days and we decided to take them to the zoo. It was the most crowded day of the year and stressed me to my limit. There were absolutely no parking lots available, Georgia screamed almost the entire one hour drive, and we had trouble catching up to our group. The gettin' there was rough but in the end it was tons of fun and we were glad we went.

Johanna loves the zoo and if it were closer we would probably go everyday. She fell in love with the Lemurs on this trip. She keeps asking me if she can have one as a pet and I say "Of course you can!", she smiles and knows we are both just kidding but loves the little game.

Our friends little girl is smaller than Georgia and five months older. Georgia loved her to pieces but when we sat them together she got shy for the picture. We call this face she is making her "puggle" face. She does it to be funny or shy or when she just doesn't know what to do with herself.

We ended the day with our favorite attraction, the manatees. They are so fun to watch with their obese bodies and little heads. How are they so fat when all they eat is lettuce? They have this overnight program where kids and parents can have a sleepover with the manatees. They actually sleep next to the underground aquarium. I think a few of my mom's kids have done this with their school. That will have to be an adventure for another year....something to look forward to.


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