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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wild One

I found the perfect bathing suit for Georgia. Lord knows she didn't need another one but it was 4.99 and had her name written all over it. Besides, doesn't every one year old need ten bathing suits? Kind of makes my stomach hurt a little bit.

This suit fits her personality perfectly, especially when we are at the pool. I can't take my eyes (or hands) off her for a second. She just throws herself forward with arms open wide. She know what happens if I don't have a hold of her. She completely submerges but doesn't care in the least. Oh my heart.

She got a hold of her sisters rockets and thought she had hit the jackpot. Notice the smile that says "I'm beyond thrilled to be getting away with this".

And when you have three things and only two hands the mouth is definitely the next option.

She can push me to my limit this wild one of mine, but the smile makes it worth every nerve testing minute.


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