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Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

We celebrated the 4th with a smorgasbord of holiday favorites over a three day period. There was a late night professional fireworks display, parade, family cookout, bonfire, and sparklers. We have worked this holiday and sucked every last bit of fun out of it.

The fireworks display was the night of the 3rd and we decided to go at the last minute. Johanna had not napped in two days and Georgia had never been up passed 10 pm. We realized the possibility of two total meltdowns but hopped in the car and hoped for the best. Both girls were thrilled with the display and held it together till we got them home around 11:30pm.

On the 4th we had family fun night at the Fortener Farm with a cookout and bonfire. The kids ran a muck and had a blast. I nailed them down for a few pics though.

I have to tell them jokes to make them smile. The joke usually makes no sense but I have to say it works pretty well.

We finally found an activity that Georgia could participate in and it gave me a chance to actually sit down and stop chasing her.

This girl gets down and dirty in the sandbox. She has this nasty little habit of pouring sand in other people's hair. She's just so dern cute we can't help but forgive her.

We ended the night with a supreme fireworks display by the daddy and uncles, along with our favorite.....Sparklers!

The morning of the 5th we headed to the parade in extreme heat. We brought sunscreen and a squirt bottle and made our way through the masses.

Georgia loved all these people waving at her while she enjoyed her bottle and a sucker. The breakfast of champions.

I looked up during the parade and realized we were standing right under the street sign for Johanna Drive.

Johanna scored a frisbee and just like her father couldn't wait to go home and play with it. We ducked out before the crowds and made it home for naps. Perfectly executed.


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