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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scary Mealtime

Johanna hardly eats anything and what she does eat is only "dry food". She never makes much of a mess and hardly stains an outfit. My wild one is quite different. Georgia's mealtimes take a good thirty minutes to recover from.

She usually needs a bath at the end because there is food in every crevice of her body. She gets mad that I make her sit down while she is eating so to punish me she grabs fists full of hair and rubs her food in it. Nice.

My girl is Houdini and can wiggle out of any seat or strap made for babies. I'm lucky I can still keep her in her car seat. I thought I had figured out a way to trap her in the Bumbo. She could move across the floor but still be in the seat. My floors were gross but at least she was sitting. It worked for a few days and then she figured out how to get out.

I have contemplated skipping the seat and having mealtime in the kitchen sink.

Genius plan I think.


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