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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

P24 Vintage

My photography prompt was "vintage" and I had just the little item for this one. I was digging through some tubs in my basement and found this dress that I wore when I was about four years old. It fit Georgia perfectly.

I've been terribly bord shooting in my home/studio so I ventured to a new location.
Here is my favorite image from the morning with a peaches and cream tint and haze.

Georgia let me play with her for about 20 minutes so I have lots to share :)

When I was first starting out in photography someone told me it was "amateur" to shoot wide open all the time. I'm also completely sharpness paranoid so I usually shoot safely at a 2.0 (even though I'm pretty sure that qualifies as wide open hahaha).

Call me an amateur but I've been wanting to get a little dangerous and shoot lower, like a 1.4 or 1.2.
With a two year old, shooting at 1.4 truly is dangerous. I could end up with nothing worth keeping!

I took all of these at 1.4 or lower. Living on the edge :)

She was so much fun and so cute.
She took her nap and went to bed that night wearing the dress and shoes.

The bunny we brought with us is for her baby brother. The girls have been sharing it and I'm not sure if baby boy will ever get his hands on it.

She was "sh sh sh-ing" to the bunny cause he was sad.

I always have fun photographing my girls but this morning was exceptional.


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