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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last Ballet

We had our last ballet class/parent watch day. It was bittersweet.

I love that we are done sitting in a stuffy hallway for an hour waiting for Johanna every week. I love that no more ballet means Summer is almost here.
I love that "parent watch day" is her absolute favorite.

She is a performer and adores an audience.

Georgia doesn't usually get to come watch (for my mental stability she stays with a sitter). I thought she could handle it this time. She was insanely excited for "Go-hanna's concert". She looked over at me several times and said "Go-hanna doing so good".

I love that she calls her "Go-hanna" and I will never correct her. She has no problem saying any "j" words so I have no clue why she chooses to call her sister "Go-hanna". I know it will not last much longer so I am enjoying her few baby-isms.

So now we will enjoy our Wednesday nights doing Summer things.

Until Fall, when I will be stuck in that stuffy hallway with a three year old and three month old :)


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