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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Can't miss a year. 
We battle the bees and the heat but keep coming back to these gorgeous flowers.  

Georgia would have let me take pictures of her all night with the flowers and wanted to "explore!".
We talked her into leaving to go to the library.

Johanna was holding on by a thread.  We talked to her when we left about why she was so afraid of bees.  Turns out she thought "killer bees really kill people".  Definitely makes more sense now.

Last year Shiloh was sound asleep in his infant seat, this year he was part of the action.
I took them all to the museum yesterday.  We have been twenty times before but this time I let Shiloh get out of his stroller the entire trip.  I let him crawl all over that place and by the time we left, his feet, legs, and shorts were black.  But, he had THE BEST time.  He felt like a big kid and I had so much fun watching him do all the things the girls usually do by themselves.

Looking forward to more adventures outside the stroller.


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