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Friday, December 20, 2013

My 8 year old

8 years went by in a blink.

When I asked her if being 8 felt different, she said she felt taller and lighter.

We promised her a dog when she turned 10, at the time it felt like a million years away.
She is excited to be 8 because it's closer to 10.

She is nervous about being married and having a baby now that she is older.  I told her to slow down and not worry about those things.

She has been making little comments about Shiloh, "awwww I can't wait for my babies to do that".
It completely freaks Chip out that she says that but I think it's the cutest.

She still loves dresses and stuffed animals and books.

She is the BEST big sister.

She has a one hour break when she goes to The Academy on Tuesdays.  She packs a backpack of things to occupy herself with during the break.  She always packs the same books, a dog book of some sort, and novel, and her bible.

She loves field trips, especially to the Boonshoft museum.
She loves watching nature shows on tv.

She REALLY wants bangs.

She grew like a weed this year and jumped two shoe and clothing sizes.

Daisy the fur real friend kitty was at the top of her birthday list.

She is sweet and kind and never a bit of trouble.

She loves using my cameras and taking pictures of Shiloh and Georgia.

She is a master text-er.

She is always holding a deck of cards.

If she has a question, she just asks Siri.

She loves ballet and dance parties.

I'd like to keep her little but it sure is fun watching her grow up.


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