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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little inspiration...

Last week I attended a photography workshop in Tennessee.  It was amazing and inspiring and so much fun.  Of course I came home DYING to photograph my kids.  

10 am I called our local camera store and tried to rent a lens I wanted to play with, they didn't carry it.  Poop.  

Well, I decided to just bring my camera outside while we played anyway.  
Just a quick trip down to the creek.  

Shiloh wouldn't let me put him down and he screamed in my ear the entire time.  

Georgia wanted to make him happy haha.

Georgia got snow in her gloves and had a complete meltdown so 10 minutes later we were back inside.

The aftermath took me longer to clean up than we were outside.  

But dammit, I was inspired so I still took pictures.


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