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Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Week

A month in Florida.
Blessed beyond words to be able to "retire" with the snowbirds for an entire month.  The weather was a bit rough this first week but when it's -10 at home, fog, rain, and chilly days aren't too shabby.

I was actually really excited about the fog.  It was crazy to see the pier for a few minutes and then it would completely disappear again.  I was excited to shoot in the fog but it was so incredibly thick! I still had fun with it though.

Shiloh didn't remember the beach, but he is loving the sand.
He needs a shovel and a bucket at all times.

My boy is a fish!
He loves getting in the water and really wants to be let go.

Johanna is in her happy place.  She would like to be on the beach 24/7.  She plays in the waves and looks for shells and digs for sea creatures.

Georgia cares about one thing...sand.  She actually prefers that it be in every single crevice of her body.  She instantly enters pretend land and only breaks character to tell us she needs to go potty.

We are enjoying walks on 5th and special stops at "Best of Everything".

Cambier Park and Starbucks are daily adventures.

The girls are sleeping together next to our bed on the floor.  They watch a movie in bed together each night and are becoming such good playmates.

We didn't bring many toys here so we bought a giant coloring book and crayons.
They have been coloring their hearts out!

Our most favorite "routine" is the nightly big family walk down 3rd street to 7-11,
Faja, Gigi, Bren, Char, Mei, Addy, Jo, Izzy, Meme, Kristen, Nate, Hannah, Elle, Adam, Mia, Cayden, Hudson, Aunt Elise, Aunt Patti, and maybe a few more!

I can't believe we get to do this all over again for three more weeks.
My dad says, "rinse and repeat!".


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