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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First Day

First day in early August, snuck right up on us.

Georgia is beyond excited about her new school and new teacher.
Daddy takes her each morning and she rides the bus home.  
It's really hard to wake up at 7:30am but  school starts at 8:00am. 
She is a very fast dresser.  

She likes to stop at Starbucks on the way and get a Gouda sandwich with her dad and sometimes that makes her late to class.

She has art class and gym class and music class and library day.
She loves doing her homework and writes a love letter to Mrs. Lunne before school every morning (another reason she is late).  Her love letters are the best.

Johanna is staying home with me one more year (against her will).
We started a new program online that is pretty intense.
But, when she has a good attitude it's no big deal.

She is also attending a hybrid school on Monday's for homeschoolers.
She is taking archery, bible, fencing, and quilting.  
She loves every minute of it and wants to attend full time next year.

She is extremely bright and would read all day if I let her.
She was given a Kindle with her new school program and rarely puts it down.
It costs me about $5 a day in new books (how do you say no to an 8 year old begging for a new book?).  I am so happy to have her home with me, even if it's only for one more year.


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