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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I have quite a bucket list of images I want of my children.  I'm realizing the list is so extensive, I'll never have enough wall space for all of them.  I am religious about printing my yearly books and always thought they would one day be my children's greatest treasures.  Turns out, they already treasure them.  Johanna reads and re-reads each book on a daily basis.  I find them all over the house, opened to the page she left off at, and is saving to come back to.  She giggles to herself and wants to read me the stories out loud.  She will remind me of some silly thing Georgia used to say that completely left my memory.  I thought these books would be something we would enjoy years down the road, but we are already wearing at the pages.   

Time is flying at heart-stopping speed.  I can hardly catch my breath with all the things I want to do and see and capture with these three little people while they are still mine.  I want to keep them forever.

I'm so incredibly thankful and joyful and filled up to the tip top.
Hard days are just teeny road bumps and when I look back I'll only see the awesome ones.  And honestly, our hard days of grumpy kids, bickering girls, and some whining, aren't really much to complain about. I do however, HATE going to the grocery with three kids.  I'll do it, but I'll be very grumpy by the time we FINALLY get out.  That part I'll probably remember forever.

There is so much talk about people only showing the pretty parts of life and not the real parts.  I guess I'd fall into that category.  I mean, I'm definitely not gonna be showing the grocery store with three kids part. The parts I show are the parts I remember and the way I remember it.  It's our own fairytale. And we've got the bedtime story books to prove it.  


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