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Monday, September 21, 2015

WDW Photo Challange

We have a TEENY new obsession..... Well Dressed Wolf.  Heirloom quality dresses that are impossible to get your hands on.  We own three and they are treasures.  The company created a 10 day photo challenge and each day they chose a winner for a "cart pass".  While we never were able to snag a win, we had so much fun dreaming up the shot each day.  The girls were very excited about it and when I started getting tired and wanting to quit, they begged to keep going! 

~ Mail Day ~

~ Fairytales ~

~ Tea Party ~

~ Lovely Layers ~

~ Wolfe in the Wild ~

~ Sundays and Sundaes ~

~ Wheels Up ~

~ Fab Sunnies ~

~ Arts and Crafts ~

~ Rain or Shine ~


Jeane December 14, 2015 at 12:55 PM  

Hi there :-)

You had just left a sweet comment on my daughter's picture on the WDW b/s/t page and I saw you are a photographer and found my way to your personal blog somehow ;-).

I am in LOVE with your work. You take beautiful pictures and I love your personal blog!!!!!!!

That's all :-)


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