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Monday, December 28, 2015


It's no secret that when I love something, I go all out.  It probably obvious I have a slight obsession with beautifully made clothing.  I used to sew all the time.  Now I just enjoy the artistry of others.  I keep joking with my mom that one day I'll have my own little girls clothing line. But then I laugh and say, I love buying them all so much why do I need my own line?  These sweet little dresses from Well Dressed Wolf have completely stolen my heart.  Most of them only go to a size 8 so I'm on borrowed time putting them on my girls.  This feels like a whispered permission to buy them all.  And so I am.  I usually need a little help from Chip and also several friends.  I have built up quite a little collection.  It's a crazy process than I mostly keep secret.  Only the ones closest to me get to see that kind of crazy.  

My Georgia wasn't super excited to please me this day but that LIGHT.  
I bribed her with Skyline and she perked right up.  


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