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Monday, December 28, 2015


I NEVER cook.  Not even on Thanksgiving.  But, the girls have been watching lots of cooking shows and The Pioneer Woman makes me feel like MAYBE I could do something right in the kitchen.  So, the girls and I committed to sweet potatoes, apple pie, and stuffing as our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.  

That morning we woke up and found out Jojo had been puking all night.  My survival instincts kicked in and we postponed dinner at my parents.  Instead, Hood and Erin came that night.  It was warm enough that we were able to eat on our pack patio in front of our fire.  It was magical and everything I've ever wanted (with the exception of wishing our entire family could have been there).  A dramatic statement but 100% truth.  We never would have had our outdoor Thanksgiving without the vomit situation.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, just go with it.  I might actually paint that on my wall.

Even though we were in the kitchen for 4 hours cooking and I was exhausted by dinner, it was so yummy.  The girls loved helping and creating our Thanksgiving masterpieces.  


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