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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


On Easter we decided to make our baby announcement on social media. I had ordered baby chicks for my client Easter Mini's, and I knew I wanted to somehow use the chicks for our announcement.  The chicks were so super teeny and so cute. We had the best time taking care of them.  Georgia worried about them constantly, just like a momma chicken.  I had nightmares that the cat got them in the night.  Johanna was completely mortified when she got pooped on and Shi was just mostly freaked out.  He did love watching them and he would coo about how cute they were.  

The chicks would fall asleep out of the blue and just fall right over.  I would go check on them and several sleeping, just looked dead! It was hilarious and adorable.  Trying to get this shot, I had Erin helping me, thinking they would be hopping all over the place.  Well, they didn't move and instead kept falling asleep.  I had to keep bumping their noses to wake them up!   The picture turned out just how I wanted and I was thrilled.

Waiting for one last baby....    hatching the end of September.


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