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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter was a little rough for Momma.  I just felt so so sick.  Somehow, on top of my all day pregnancy sickness, I got some sort of flu or food poisoning.  Not fair.  I pulled it together for church and then we went to Gigi's for an egg hunt.  

Traditionally, we always have tears over the egg hunt.  It's not Easter without tears!  The big kid "egg pick" was especially hilarious when I chose the $100 egg and Hood got a $20.  I laughed for hours over that one.  As kids, Hank and Hood would fight every year for Paw's "Golden Egg".  I have no idea who found it, I just remember one of them was always in a heap crying.  I'm pretty sure Hood wished he could cry this year when I pulled out the $100.

Chip and I went to a performance of the book of John.  
It was incredible and really brought to life the story of the crucifixion and resurrection.  
I hope one day the girls can see it.  It so much better than just hearing words you've already heard before.  I want them to really understand and know what it all means. 

It's fun to think that next year there will be another little Easter basket in the line up.  My back will probably be aching from hauling our huge baby around during the festivities.  I'll probably wish I had a few minutes to sit down and eat and I'll be yawning from being up half the night.  I can't wait.


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