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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's a.........GIRL!!!!!

From the day I was 6 weeks pregnant I KNEW i was having a boy.  I told the kids and anyone else who asked, I just knew. I still wanted the early gender ultrasound to confirm, but I thought of it as only a confirmation.

The girls surprised me by saying they didn't want to attend the ultrasound.  I tried to talk them into it, but they insisted they wanted a cupcake reveal instead.  I guess they had seen videos of this and it seemed like wonderful fun.  So, I ordered blue and pink filled cupcakes a few days before (even though I ALMOST only ordered the blue, I figured we could just eat the pink and all would be well).

Chip and I attended the ultrasound and I loudly proclaimed this is simply a technicality, I'm actually having a boy, we are just "checking".  The ultrasound tech then agrees saying, "Three girl's would be HELL, let's go peek at your boy!"   About 30 seconds into the ultrasound and many strange vocals coming from the tech.....I realized that somehow I was WRONG.  I'm hardly every wrong bahaha.  But, there was a wiggly little girl up on that screen and I stared in complete shock.  I was worried I had set Chip up to be disappointed, but of course he was perfectly thrilled with a girl and was really  enjoying the fact that I couldn't get over being wrong.

So, we take the cupcakes to Gigi's house to surprise the kids.  I was so excited for them to find out I didn't even really consider that they were also going to be reeeaaaallllyy surprised.  My poor Shi.  He broke down in sobs and smashed his girl cupcake all over the counter.  We finally thought of the "extra" boy cupcakes and gave him one of those and got the waterworks to cease.  I decided he just wanted the blue cupcake and it wasn't about the baby at all, but on the way home we asked him about why he had been so sad.  " I really wanted it to be a boy like me, Mom"......Oh my heart.

It's a good thing God knows exactly what we needed and I have no guilt over this.  We NEEDED a girl.  She was made just for us to fit perfectly in our family.  The next day I took the kids to the studio for the reveal pictures and Shi said "Mom, you better bring me a boy cupcake for pictures or I'll smash it all over the place and cry like I did last time".  Ok then.  Shi is eating a boy cupcake and having a wonderful time.

He has now, completely gotten over it and absolutely loves all the tiny little girl things we have collected in her room.  He awwww's about each one and uses his squeakiest voice to talk about her.  


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