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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Georgia turns 7

My spunky lady turned 7 years old.  For some reason, I have this picture in my mind of her at 4 years old.  She was wearing her pink dress with red cowgirl boots and piggy tails.  She was standing against a brink wall and holding up four fingers.  I have the picture buried in my IG account from three years ago but it's burned in my brain and haunting me now.  It feels like I took that picture only a few weeks ago.  How did three more birthdays just fly by???

I had a fun session planned for her "birthday" pictures but it rained and rained and rained and I ran out of time.  I stumbled upon a little poppy field and she ran around and I followed her.  It was full sun but whatever.  She had a blast just playing.  Messy hair, don't care.

For her birthday we did ALL the things.  We took her to Great Wolf Lodge for the night and Addy got to come with us.  Gigi and Faja and the kids met us at the arcade that night.  She was in her happy place.  On the day of her birthday, we surprised her with 50 balloons all over her room, she went to build-a-bear with Grammy and then had a little cousin party at Gigi's house.  It was so fun spoiling her.

Georgia has a big year coming up.  She will be homeschooled for the first time.  I know she will rock it, but it will be quite an adjustment.  She's an amazing worker and always wants a project.  Right now she's into making "salad".  She chops up any veggie she can find in the refrigerator and dreams up a dressing.  She doesn't eat these concoctions but is on the lookout for someone who might.  Faja is usually the one enjoying her creations.

We love her to pieces.  Her sweet, sensitive heart breaks for the injustices of the world.  There are many nights before bed when she mourns over Adam and Eve's sin in the garden.  She worries about everyones safety and often audibly voices my inner fears.  She is a tortured artist who creates constantly and then worries about being good enough.  This little seven year old is complicated and as deep as the ocean.  I can only imagine who she will become and all the things she will do.


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