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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Beginning

The beginning is always the most difficult.  
I'm recovering physically and Baby is learning how to be a baby on the outside.  We had some nursing trouble (completely unexpected for my fourth baby).  She just pretended to nurse.  Wasn't putting in any effort and her weight wasn't ok.  She was obsessed with bottles and I needed her to be a happy girl.  So bottles it is! Chip had to go back to work in Florida a few times so we were basically just living in survival mode. Ivy slept with me from day one.  If I had one more nurse in the hospital tell me to put her back in her bassinet I was gonna BLOW.  She just likes me, what can I say.  I've gotten very good at positioning her so she is safe and we can both sleep.

My goal for the first month was to get a picture of her with each of her siblings.  I DO NOT have sleepy newborns so this felt like an impossible task.  I'm thrilled with every single picture I was able to snag (even if it was just in between blinks).  I have also learned to love all the awake pictures, because they are JUST as precious.

My baby boy struggled with not being the baby anymore.  I wasn't totally prepared for this, since neither one of our girls ever had an issue.  He LOVES her.  But, he isn't sure he wants to be a 'big' brother.  He would like to be her twin ha.  He asks to be swaddled and for us to talk "baby talk" to him.  He has also said, "When you talk 'baby talk' to her, it makes me feel like you don't love me".  Did you hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking.  He says he wishes he could sleep next to me every night like Baby Ivy.  I'm not sure how much a momma heart can take. 

He loves to rub her cheek and kiss her lips.  He asks if it's ok if he touches her eyeball and asks a lot of "What would happen if..." questions that wig me out a little.  He is a sweet big brother and I don't mind one bit if he needs to be a baby a little bit longer.  I can have two babies!

Johanna is a wonderful big sister.  She loves holding Ivy in the morning so I can make breakfast or snuggle with Shi. I'm trying to teach her the art of keeping her asleep. Johanna also helps a ton with Shi.  I can't lift anything so Johanna helps me get Shi in and out of his crib (my four year old baby is still in a crib).  

Georgia is so happy to have a baby sister.  She keeps says she is so glad I had a baby.  She was worried about my c-section and is relieved we are all safe and healthy.  
She is a master bottle maker.  Both girls fight over being on "baby duty", so we take turns.  Georgia has taken over giving Ivy her bottles so I can have a break and maybe go potty ha.

The beginning is difficult...But we rocked that business! 
We are so blessed to have sweet little helpers.


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