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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Months with Ivy

5 weeks old! She is obsessed with bottles and if she is awake, she wants one in her mouth.  Her happy time is right when she wakes up in the morning.  When she sleeps, she is moving and grunting constantly.  She flings her arms up in the air and then lets them drop with dead weight, right in her face...or mine. It's actually my favorite thing she does right now.  That soft, heavy baby arm flopped right on my face in the night.

6 weeks old and smiling like crazy! Just not for pictures ha.  She is staying awake for sunset now and just sits there watching all the action.  She sleeps on Daddy's chest until midnight each night.  She HATES the car but we trick her and give her a bottle so she doesn't scream.  Momma is constantly saying "Give baby space." because her siblings love her so! We adore our "Little, Little", "Little Pretty", "Little Bitty".

7 weeks and nothing lights up this girls face like a ceiling fan.  She slept in her own bed for a whole three hours last night!  She loves being swaddled up tight.  She loves watching action! She is the center of attention wherever we go.

8 weeks old and we discovered the SWING.  It is a magical invention.  It's her favorite place to be and sleep, even though I still make her get in bed with me.  Sometimes I just stare at her perfect little fingers and lips and lashes and pray so hard I never forget any of her little parts.

Two whole months with our Ivy girl.  It went by in a blur! A very happy blur.  All I remember is the happy anyway and I guess that's all that matters.  I think it's my old age but everything about ALL of this just makes me cry.  I guess cause I know it all goes by so fast.  You just don't really grasp it when you are young.  All the phases are gone in a blink.  The good phases and the hard ones.  And what a privilege it is to watch this miraculous journey.  


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