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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sister Sets

Our very first tiny Well Dressed Wolf.  
When I was pregnant, I never dreamed the babe in my belly was a girl.  I had a cart full of boy clothing ready to purchase when I went to get my ultrasound.  It took me days to fully wrap my mind around a girl.  I couldn't believe I would get to do all the dresses again.  And sister sets... (they actually aren't my thing because I prefer coordinating and not matching) how could I resist???!!!

Georgia is completely enraptured by her baby sister.  She pushes the limits of what I'm comfortable with daily (but that's not really anything new).  She's actually a huge help.  Some days I've held Ivy so many hours I just need a few minutes to rest my back.  Georgia is always willing to give her a bottle or cuddle her on my bed.  

Ivy loves being held.  All day and all night.  
I love holding her.

I think about Georgia being a momma or a teacher or the worlds best babysitter all the time.  She's so natural at taking care of littles.  I tell the girls all the time about how fun "Little Sibs Day" will be when they are in college.  I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I can't help it.  I love that the big girls are old enough to remember Ivy being tiny.  I remember taking care of my sister when I was ten and absolutely loving every minute of it. 

  God knew just what we needed, this tiny little angel girl.
And surprise sister sets.
(and if I could have squeezed my adult-sized 11 year old in a Christmas juju, I would have)


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