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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diaper Derby

Georgia is still crawling. Even though she has the ability to walk, she uses crawling as her main source of transportation. Walking is just a hobby. She is unbelievably fast on her hands and knees so we decided to exploit her talent and enter her in the Dorothy Lane Market Annual Diaper Derby.

There were 27 babies competing and the competition was not very impressive. During the 7 heats most of the babies just sat there watching their parents make complete idiots of themselves. One dad was laying on the floor on his stomach holding a red gum ball in front of his kid. It was wonderful entertainment so we all just stared.

Georgia's heat had the only kid with any crawling ability. She got a late start and lost by a nose.

Georgia loved all the cheering. She had a huge smile all the way down the track to her Momma.


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