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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Having two girls never crossed my mind when I found out I was pregnant with Georgia. I had brothers and the brother-sister relationship is what I know. I do have four sisters but the age difference between us has made these relationships more parental. My brothers were my best friends. When I found out Georgia was a girl everyone went "Oh sisters!" and I went "Oh what's up with that?". It's been a little over a year with two girls and I must say,
I'm gettin' it.

I have always loathed the sibling nickname "Sissy". In the past it has given me chills down my spine and made me vow to never let it cross my own lips. Enter sweet Georgia. For some strange reason that we cannot explain she has decided to call Johanna "Sisssy". That chill has turned into me melting onto the floor. I'm not even sure how a one year old decides what they are going to call their sister but Georgia has chosen.

When she wakes up she is calling "Sissy" before I have even pulled her from her crib. She is hanging out of my arms, back bending to get a glimpse of Johanna's room. Many afternoons I have lost Georgia downstairs, only to find her upstairs standing next to Johanna's bed watching her sleep.

I look forward to discovering all the different layers of sisterhood through these two girls of mine.

The strength of the big sister and complete adoration of the little sister.


Colleen July 19, 2010 at 5:56 AM  

So sweet. I agree about the moniker "Sissy"... BUT... I think it's sooooo different when at little girl calls her sister that as opposed to a grown-up, (redneck??) woman referring to her daughters as "Sissy", ya know? As long as you're not yelling across the pool "SISSSSSSSYYYYYY" when trying to call Johanna, you're good. ;)

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