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Friday, August 13, 2010

Wild One

My wild one has been sick the last week. She has not been herself, sleeping 5+ hours during the day and sadly laying around with her blankey and paci.

After being couped up in the house for way too many days we decided to take a trip to Target. The wiggler usually has to get in the back of the cart since I can't keep her from standing up in the front (even buckled). So there I am standing in the office supply isle and my wild one standing in the back of the cart. I'm still not sure what happened but she leaned over and fell right out of the cart head first.

I managed to grasp the bottom of her dress just before she hit the floor, so instead of falling on her head it was more like her shoulder. Be still my heart.

A week of pitiful sick Georgie.......and she's back.

My wild one is back to keeping me on my toes and never giving me a dull moment.


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