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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great Wolf

We made our annual family caravan to Great Wolf Lodge.
The excitement was oozing from our pores.

Great Wolf is a wonderful place to visit anytime of year but at Christmas time it is enchanting.

I left my beloved 5D at home....sometimes it is more important to simply capture the memory than to worry about how beautiful the images will come out.
At least that what I tell myself.

This one has my heart.

We look forward to this trip every year with 30+ family members. This year we got matching jammies for all the girls.

Johanna had some special slippers that I couldn't resist.
They reminded me of the Christmas she turned a year old. She was obsessed with Santa and "Tanta" was one of her first words.
She would yell "Tanta" at the top of her lungs through the mall. She did this for a full four months until the easter bunny came.

My wild one is still wild.

I have three weapons I refer to as my tranquilizers....paci and blanky and bottle.
She prefers them all at once.

We did have one unfortunate incident on this trip.
Johanna was riding one of the adult slides with me and I was so excited that she loved it. I wanted her to try another one and talked her into riding a slide I had not been on. She screamed in terror the entire ride. The man at the bottom of the slide said we had just gone down the scariest ride in the park. This would have been good information about thirty seconds earlier.She has been afraid to go to sleep since we've been home because she doesn't want to dream about "the toilet bowl".

We always come home completely exhausted but incredibly happy.

This trip was no exception.
Until next year Great Wolf....AAAAOOOOOOO.


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