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Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Secret Garden

I was determined to get here before the flowers were gone from the magnolia tree.

This is my grandma's house. Our new favorite place to play.
I swear spring came a little early here.

We brought Bella Bunny with us. She just stays right where we are, hoppin around.

Except the other day when we lost her for a few hours somewhere in the neighborhood.

I had an Easter egg hunt for the girls to make it more fun.

Johanna likes to follow the rules so when I said no peeking while I hid the eggs.......

If you know Georgia, than this photo comes with audio.
You can hear her saying "A egg? Where'd it go? Where'd a egg go?"

This girl has some serious egg hunting skills.

I see $20 golden eggs for her in future family egg hunts.

Johanna quit the hunt when she saw a bee and stayed glued to my leg the rest of the time.
My ears are still ringing from her screams.

This Easter is going to be one of my favorites.


Alli April 18, 2011 at 7:52 AM  

nikkie-- these are so cute! It cracks me up about johanna and the bee.. sounds JUST like Maddie.. haha.
you really lost the bunny?!?!

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