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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Day of Preschool

This past Fall, Georgia was NOT ready for preschool. I was dragging her kicking and (sometimes) screaming into Sunday school every week. No chance was I doing that more than once in 7 days. Registration came and went and I decided we would try next year.

Fast forward to April and we were getting ready to leave the house one morning. Georgia was being difficult and I was losing my patience. I said, 

"Fine. Don't come. I'll drop you off at preschool on the way."

I have no idea why that came out of my mouth but it was all I could come up with (so scary right).
 I thought she would panic and shape right up for me. 
 Instead she let out a "yaaaahooooooooo", got all her stuff together, and got in the car.

So, I had a plan. 
 I was going to pull into the preschool in my neighborhood, park the car, and get her out of her seat. I thought she would freak out and I would have accomplish unquestioned obedience from that day forward. 
 BUT, we were running late and I was slightly concerned this wasn't going to go the way I planned. I thought she would forget all about the whole thing by the time we arrived at our destination.

20 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of the ice rink and Georgia yells from the back seat "WHAAAT?! I'm not going here, I'm going to preschool!" I had no response. Best I could do was,  "Sorry kid, you can't just go to preschool. I have to sign you up."

For the next few hours at the ice rink she whined and begged and I made a few phone calls. She started preschool the next week. Counting every hour until it was time to go.

Her teacher is Ms. Sydney and Georgia adores her.  
She only has about 6 weeks of school but I already registered her for next year.  

She has become obsessed with all things school, especially writing.  She wants to spell all day long.  This is the girl who has only sat through about three books in her entire life.  She sits at the table and writes until I tell her I need a break.

There is no one like my Georgia.


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