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Saturday, June 8, 2013

End of the Year Ballet

Very last "parent watch day" of the year.  
Summer is officially here.

I am so glad I put her in this class.  It was a last minute decision on the first day classes started.  
I was afraid she wouldn't listen or be bad or fall apart.  
But, she shines bright like a diamond.

She is a helper, so she wanted to document Johanna's class for me.  
I let her have a few shots and taught her the art of the selfie.

Johanna finished her last pre-ballet class.  She will be in ballet I in the Fall and couldn't be more excited.  She will wear a blue leotard and pink tights like the big girls.

Her best work are her solo's.  She rocks the scarf dance.

G still helping...

My very accomplished ballerina.  

I'm adding one last thought, just for memory sake.  2 hours of watching ballet, in a small room, with 20 other adults, my three children, and video/photographing, and looking happy and praising the work of my precious girls, is close to the most difficult 2 hours of mine and Chip's life.

Totally worth it.


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