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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Another year of ballet.  
I keep asking the girls if they still want to take ballet class and they respond as if I mentioned a dirty word.  Of course they still want to take ballet!!!

Georgia is wild and feisty and you can see it from her head to her toes.  She loves when we get to watch and can hardly stay focused. She loves an audience and loves any performance opportunity.

Johanna moved up to Ballet I this year.  She wears a blue leotard now and does a lot of barr work.  She has to learn definitions and spellings of french ballet terms.  It's starting to get serious.  She still likes it even though she's not running around like the little kids any more.

Two ballet classes is a lot on a momma so Chip and I tag team taking the girls and watching Shiloh.  Johanna started the year with a new teacher and decided a few weeks in that we needed to switch back to Miss Jody.  
Right now, this is our thing.  We do it together and most of the time it's fun hahaha.


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