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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning

I don't usually take pictures for Christmas.  I want to preserve the memories but I don't want to miss out on them because I'm behind a camera.  Christmas eve we let the kids open one present so I thought it would be the perfect time to get a few quick pictures.  It was super dark, the pictures are grainy and a funky color.  There are only two I actually like.  Let. It. Go. Nikki. 
Here is a little snapshot of our Christmas (grain and all).

Shiloh is all about cars and trucks and Elmo.  He got tons of new cars and trucks to push around and his new Elmo phone is his FAV.  He also got a tool set that he thinks is amazing.  He is ALL boy.  But, he loves babies.  I could watch him take care of baby dolls all day.  
He rocks them and pats them and says "shhh" them.

We have a paci problem. He loves it and I like that it makes him look like a baby. 
It isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Georgia loves animals, especially "Fur Real Friends".  She still thinks hair is repulsive so no dolls for her.  Both girls fell in love with the movie "Frozen" and Georgia knows all the song lyrics by heart.  She got an "Anna" dress that might not come off until next year.

Johanna had "Fur Real Friends" at the top of her list as well.  
She also likes American girl dolls and this year she got "Saige".  
Both girls got cameras so they can follow in mommas footsteps.  
They have been posing Shiloh and making him "Cheese".

The Santa battle returns.  
I have never, ever told my girls Santa is a real person or that he will be coming to our house to deliver presents.  However, they insist on playing the game.  I drop a few nuggets every now and then "Sure you can leave out cookies for Santa, I would love a cookie after you go to bed".  They don't think I'm funny.  Christmas Eve I grew soft and played their game.  Santa left mini chocolate chips, red dum dums, glitter, and a letter about loving Jesus.  

Chip read the girls the Christmas story and also told them a Christmas Grizz story.  Grizz stories are special treats that THRILL the girls.  Chip makes the story up as he goes and all I can hear are uncontrollable giggles from the girls.

We tried to emphasize being grateful.  I asked Georgia what the most important thing about Christmas is, she said "that it's Jesus birthday". Christmas is fun and presents are fun but the most important part is the baby boy who saved our lives.


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