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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My Georgia slipped in the bathroom and hit her head on the corner molding.  
She was playing with Jo Jo and brushing her teeth after a bath.  I had seen the water on the floor and just hadn't gotten a chance to get it all up.  I heard her hit and came running.  It was very scary and lots of blood.  I yelled for Chip and we spent the next few minutes deciding where to take her.  

She was not thrilled with all our talk about stitches and didn't want to go to the hospital.  
But, she got in the car and held her towel and ice on her head.  

When we got to the ER they offered her a special ice pack and a wheel chair.  She decided this wasn't too bad.  We laid in the bed together and watched Full House at 11:30pm while we waited.  Of course texting Dad updates.

They needed to numb her before they put in her staples and wanted to use some gel for little kids that took 30 minutes to work.  I told them she was tough as nails and to give her the shot and get it over with.  She never flinched.  She laid there and didn't move a muscle or even whimper.

She got a special stuffed kitty and a coloring book. 
She might have spent the night if they had offered.

She scared us but we were so thankful it was fixable. 
I shutter every time I see that corner in the bathroom.  You better believe I don't walk by one drop of water on the floor.

Georgia had her staples in for one week.  She HATED that she had staples in her head and wanted them covered at all times.  Good thing we had perfectly cute headbands for the job.

She desperately wanted me to remove them, instead of the doctor.  I actually considered it, but in the end took her to the pediatrician.  They looked like normal paper staples.  I felt like it couldn't be that difficult. He did have a special tool, so I'm glad we let him do the job.

This wild child of mine.  Keeping us on our toes!


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