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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let Freedom Ring

We had the most gorgeous 4th of July.
The weather could not have been better, at a cool 70 degrees.
I made fireworks and two parades a heavenly experience.

It was Shiloh's first parade.
He was enamored with the fire trucks, historic cars, puppies being walked, and floats filled with musicians.  It was so much fun watching him wave his flag and be so excited.

Chip was in charge of our family fireworks display again.
We had a big family dinner with cousins and second cousins, aunts and uncles and great aunts and great uncles, grandma's and grandpa's and great grandma's, and more in between.

By the very end of the firework display, I finally realized my perfect vision for the perfect firework photo.  Unfortunately,  I realized this vision as the very last firework fizzled out.
Well, I have a glorious vision for July 4th, 2015.

Shiloh was not feeling the noise of the fireworks again this year.
He spent most of the display inside with Mei.

Georgia was spoiled with a late night four wheeler ride by Faja.
It's so much more special in the dark with the headlights on.
She barks orders at him the entire ride and counts the years until she is old enough to ride all by herself.

We are so incredibly thankful to live in freedom.
To be able to celebrate that freedom with our family is a gift.

So many lives were sacrificed and so many others who serve, just so that we can live this amazing life.
We are so grateful.


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