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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two Years Old

Our sweet Shiloh Abraham.

He was born with a love for sports and balls of any kind.  He spends most of his waking moments with a racket, baseball bat, basketball, or football.  He first and last words as we put him in his crib are "hit" or "shoot".   

He loves the movie Frozen.  He sings the songs, dances with his sisters, and repeats lines that make us giggle.   
"Happy snowman", "Summer!", "cut ice", and "Heeelllooo" are some of our favorites.  
We ask him to say them over and over.

He loves to "go".  It's also one of the first things he asks in the morning.  
He wants to "see nana (Gianna) or ride in "Gigi's car".  
He usually has a paci and blankie at all times but we have been trying to keep it in his bed.

I have found myself in this new world of fire trucks, and big trucks, and blue trucks (every truck is blue, even if it is red), and air planes, and motorcycles.  

He loves to wear "Daddy shirts" or "Daddy hats".  He loves shoes, especially if they belong to someone else.  
He loves boots of all kinds and feels like such a big boy when he wears them. 

We love our sweet boy so much it hurts.


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