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Monday, December 29, 2014


We don't really do Santa in our house. 
 I didn't grow up believing in him and so we never told our kids anything at all about him.
Johanna has always had a thing for him.  Every year she gets older she holds him a little more dear.  

As a thank you gift to all of Chip's clients, we hired Santa and I took pictures of their kids.
I snuck our kids in at the end because I knew if Johanna caught me editing Santa pictures she would be crushed if she hadn't been included.

Grammy brought the kids and they changed when they got there.  
After we were done and Santa was back at the North Pole, we realized Georgia had forgotten to wear panties under her dress. Oh George.

Johanna asked for colored string and a tea set,  
Georgia asked for nail polish, and Shiloh asked for a ball.

I actually had been hoping all day that one of the kids would whisper what they wanted to Santa.  
My girl always knows what I want.


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