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Monday, December 7, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

Another year of family pictures.  
I always think they all look the same, but they change so much!

Georgia is such an amazing student.  She was MADE for school.  All the activities just make her shine.  Her teacher told me she is a wonderful role model for the other students.  Her test scores show that she's pretty much a genius.   If you ask her what her favorite part about school is, she says "Lunch".  As usual, I'm struggling with what to do about school next year for both girls.  Hopefully I can gain some clarity before next Fall.

Shiloh's hobby is watching shows.  We had to do a little screen detox and that was a bit painful for everyone.  His favorite shows are PJ Masks, Sofia the First, and Paw Patrol.  He doesn't just sit there and watch with glazed eyes, he reenacts each scene as it happens.  We usually watch him instead of the t.v. because he's so hilarious.   

The girls have been sleeping in the same room for almost a year now.  It's been going well! Only a few times has Johanna mentioned wanting her own room back.  Her room is now my prop studio, wardrobe room, and sewing room all in one.  I have all their pretty dresses displayed like art.  I'm just lucky I actually have two little girls to put them on.  It would be weird if I just had a dress collection.  Like a weird doll collector or something.

Johanna has been kicking k12's butt.  She actually did her work on Saturday and Sunday without a single word of complaint.  That's a HUGE step for us.  She takes sewing, cooking, pottery, archery, art, Ohio nature, and gym at her hybrid school.  She loves every class and brings home wonderful creations.

Johanna is the ring leader and sets the tone for all interactions.  If she's in a good mood, we are all in a good mood.  I'm trying to figure out a way to take this power from her, so far, I have not.

The kids favorite thing in the entire world is wrestling with their Dad.  They would do it for hours.  If they even hear a giggle in the other room and THINK there might be a wrestling session going on without them , they freak.  I can remember doing the same thing with my Dad when I was little.

It's not always easy and fun in the James house.
But easy and fun is overrated.
We prefer chaos with a side of whining.


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