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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tree Farm

This post is gonna be a doozie.  So many stories to tell.

Here I am in Florida and Christmas is quickly approaching.  I'm so jealous of my Ohio friends posting all their tree farm pictures.  I'm hunting for tree farms of any kind in Naples and there is nothing.  NOTHING.  Elle and I are at Walmart (which I haven't been to a Walmart in 5 years and can't even really remember why we were there in the first place).  We are in the check out line and see a lady holding a live Christmas tree and the price tag says $5.  We looked at each other with huge eyes.  $5??????? We ran and got one for the Burkholder family to surprise them when they got to Meme's house.  As I was laying down that afternoon to nap, I couldn't stop thinking about $5 trees.  I ran some numbers in my head, text Chip, jumped out of bed, and ran back to Walmart.   Filled my car with 7 Christmas trees to make my very own tree farm in my front yard.  God bless my husband.

I have never been so happy in my life that I did something so weird for a picture.  This picture of Georgia and Shiloh may be my most favorite to date.

New story!
My attempt at catching perfect sunset light with four children on their best behavior was simply a dilution.  My kids were cranky from the beginning, Johanna didn't want to be touched, Georgia wanted to hold Ivy, Shi said his belly hurt and he couldn't stand up anymore.  I was sweating and stressing about losing light and wanting so badly for my tree investment to be successful.  We finally quit and I felt sad that it had all fallen apart.  That night I loaded the images to my computer and I laughed so hard at each one that I had tears streaming down my face.  I could hear all the chaos and drama while I looked at them and instead of feel disappointment and stress, I loved every single one and literally could not stop cry laughing.  I was incredibly sleep deprived and I'm sure it was contributing to my hilarity.  But my goodness, I love these four little twits.  And even when it doesn't seem fun, at least its absolutely hilarious to remember.  

Target sucks me into buying the weirdest things.  Somehow I left the store with a wooden bottle holder and a 6 pack of Coke.  Shi got to have his very own "Diet Coke" and basically thought he had won the lottery.  He realized about a third of the way through, that it's too sugary and hurts the belly.  But it was fun for the first few sips!

Georgia humors me like no other.  Her hair was thick with hair chalk from Johanna's birthday party and she hadn't showered in days.  Within 30 seconds of me yelling and throwing things at her she was outside with her game face on.

We have a tree farm...must have snow.
Even if it's plastic snow that could potentially harm the environment (I swear we tried to clean it all up).

I'm just gonna put this out there...
NEVER have I ever spent a more important $100 than when I created a tree farm in the front yard of our Florida house.
(We did have a man come to the door and ask if he could buy one,


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